My Current Favourite Baby Products

My Current Favourite Baby Products

These are a few of my favourite things, in no particular order.


Gaia Serena Complete Sleep+ /Co-Sleep

The Gaia co-sleeper has been a brilliant addition. The co-sleeper feels like an extension to the bed and being positioned at bed height with an opening to my bed, it has made night feeds a whole lot easier. Libby can feed between 2-5 times a nights so I leave the side panel open where I can see and get to her easy. For daytime naps, I keep it zipped up for safety.

The co sleeper is designed for newborns to roughly 6 months or when they outgrow it. It extends to a cot and toddler bed so can be used from newborn to 5yrs so I will get plenty of use from this in the future too. You can also extend the complete sleep even further with the junior bed extension kit (sold separately) for kids up to 10 years. 

gaia baby co-sleeper gaia baby co-sleeper gaia baby co-sleeper


Clevamama sleep positioner

I used this with Libby every night for the first 3 months until she outgrew it. It was a great relief to know that she couldn’t roll over in her sleep, pull a blanket over her face or struggle if she got wind up in her sleep. It is a wedged pillow with a velcro harness keeping small babies in place and comfortable and apparently preventing flat head. I haven’t seen many adults with flat head but it prevents the need for moving the babies head from side to side in their sleep and disturbing them if they have a tendency to sleep on the one side.

gaia baby co-sleeper, clevamama sleep positioner


Snufflebabe nasal aspirator

The snot sucker?! I know, tell me about it- you “will never use one of them!”. Well when your little peanut is struggling to breath or feed, you might just give it a snot shot. They are not as horrific as they sound to be honest and far more effective than the standard nasal aspirators. They have a little filter at the top, so don’t worry, they won’t end up in your mouth. Each time I have used it, it has eased congestion straight away. I use a saline spray a few minutes before hand to make it a little easier to remove.


BT wifi monitor

This has been a great product for helping us get a little sleep routine going (Hoping I don’t jinx it here). There’s definitely cheaper monitors on the market but I wanted something that we could view from our phones aswel as the monitor. It also has some handy features on the monitor like talking to the baby, adding music, showing the temperature, zooming in and out and moving the camera. The phone app can also take pictures and record videos. They are a little pricey and we never really use the phone app so we could have just went for this one which I’m sure is the same, just without the wifi/app.


BT wifi monitor, smyths ireland

Babylo Nodd 3-in 1 Travel Cot Grey

I bought a number of travel cots a few years back. They were so handy for travel, spares for relatives homes, daytime naps and playtime while I cooked. They can be got fairly cheap for about €40 or so. 

I came across this one and it caught my eye as it had a newborn bassinet and changing top included and the brucey bonus was, it was only €50. I wasn’t expecting great quality for that price to be honest but when I set it up I was pleasantly surprised. It was more awkward to set the whole lot up and to take down than the standard travel cot BUT well worth it! The newborn bassinet is up a lot higher than the bottom which makes it so much easier for keeping an eye on baby through the night, taking them in and out and changing them. You don’t have to add the newborn section and changing top for a quicker set up but I think they are brilliant and would have happily paid more than double the price for it.

I bought a Clevamama travel cot mattress in the baby show last year and used this with it, it was perfect. It’s a nicer soft base for the baby and can be used as a toddler chair and playmat when they are a little older. It’s not the exact size of this cot so left a little space at the end. Libby is not at the rolling stage so I was not concerned about that. But as with all accessories on cots/sleeping areas for babies, check that they are the correct size and fit for purpose, especially if they are left unsupervised in them.


Uppababy vista and Stand

I love my travel system! It has so much space, it folds easily and is multi purpose. With so many baby products overtaking the house, every multi functional product is greatly welcomed. The carrycot is approved for sleeping overnight (not many are!), when the vent underneath is opened. It has an extendable UPF 50+ canopy attached and a large ventilated canopy – I use that a lot!

It can also be taken straight from the buggy and onto the stand. This saves me space by leaving the chassis of the buggy in the car and using the carrycot instead of a crib downstairs. I use the stand for storage and it is neat and tidy, fitting in with the decor of my home. The stand can also be transformed to a laundry basket with the laundry insert.


uppababy vista travel system - emmett uppababy vista stand


As always, I hope you found this helpful.


Stay safe,





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