Summer Loving Had Me…. In a Sweat

Summer Loving – Or lack of…

I find it a little more difficult to dress at this time of year. While lots of people are out in their pretty dresses and hot pants, I feel out of sorts. I’m more a Winter comfys than a Summer loving kind of gal. While I do like the warmer weather, it doesn’t like me quite as much. And with feeling pretty self conscious of most body parts, I love to be wrapped up in layers and find it easier to create a nicer shape for me. When it gets a little warmer, either at home or abroad, and I have to dress weather appropriate “I have nothing to wear!”. I’ll be honest, I need a bit of a Summer wardrobe overhaul after my recent *cough* growth spurt!

I do know however, some of the more flattering shapes, fabrics and patterns that suit my body shape or those who are not so confident baring it all. The key is light layering and making the most of your best features. Here, I will share some of the more flattering dresses and tops for ladies with a little extra because … #YouAreExtraHun

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