My Invisalign journey begins

Filling the Gap

For as long as I can remember, my teeth have bothered me for a number of reasons. The front two have always been bigger than the rest and I used to have a big gap. They stick out making me feel goofy and in primary school I got these great fangs on both sides. I remember begging the dentist for braces in primary school! My bottom teeth were always really straight and never bothered me. Over the years with added movement due to wisdom teeth and age, they have all moved around. My “fangs” are less prominent and the gap in my front teeth has disappeared but my front two teeth are still really prominent and my bottom teeth have moved out of place.

While they are better than they were when I was a teenager, they still bother me and I still feel like I have those teeth. After secondary school, I was more reluctant to get braces. I wanted to have it over and done with in my school years – silly, I know! But I dreaded being in work with metal braces on and knew nothing of Invisalign.

Invisalign -V- Metal braces

I first came across invisalign a few years back, I was in a new job working closely with a lady who had them. I didn’t realise she had braces until a few weeks after I met her and she mentioned it. Then, I knew I really wanted them. I was in my early 20’s and renting and just couldn’t afford them so I put them off.

With my 30th birthday fast approaching, I started to look into them again and decided it was now or never. Before I have another bill, a mortgage or life gets in the way, I’m getting them done! I was looking into them a lot and researching different places. My Dental kept cropping up and it was the one in my mind as I heard so many great reviews from friends, so can you imagine my excitement when they asked me to do a collaboration?! (Tries to act cool as I bite their hand off!)

Things to Note

There are some things that I didn’t realise before my first appointment and you might want to bear in mind if looking to go for invisalign also. It can vary from person to person but it’s a rough guide.

  • Invisalign take a little longer than regular braces to get fitted- from the time of your first appointment to your fitting date. They are molded specifically for your teeth so there is a lot of preparation before they can be fitted. It can take up to 3 months from your first appointment so it’s worth knowing if you want to have your perfect teeth for a specific date like a wedding.
  • Once they are fitted, you will have an appointment once a month where your dentist will examine the progress and provide you with 3 new trays for the following month.
  • They should be removed when eating and for no longer than 2 hours per day.
  • Not everyone is a suitable candidate for invisalign.

So here I am at the start of my journey, I will share it along the way and at the end. I am really grateful for this opportunity and cant wait to see the results.


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