My top 5 fake tans

I want to keep this short and sweet and straight to the point. The description is in the title, so here is a list of the fake tans I have used over the last 3 years or so and the different preferences in each one.


1.Bellamianta- Both lotion and mousse

This is definitely my favourite fake tan by far. It ticks all the boxes for me. The texture of both is almost like a gel so it glides on with ease and doesn’t feel like it’s drying your skin out and gives an even coverage. It has a gorgeous olive tone and doesn’t have a hint of green from it like a lot do. It dries really quickly too which is a bonus considering I would often be applying my tan before work on a Friday morning. It’s a little pricier than the others I would usually buy at about €20-25 a bottle but definitely worth it in my opinion. This is definitely my go to tan for a special occasion.


2. Sun Shimmer Mousse

This was my favourite fake tan before I cam across Bellamianta. I go for the dark one but it also comes in a lighter shade. It is a gorgeous dark mousse that dries quickly and wears off nicely. It’s a great price too at usually about €8, so a great everyday tan if you don’t want to be using your more expensive ones for midweek.


3. Tan Organic

This is a really gorgeous tan, particularly if you like a light, more natural looking tan. I love the colour of this and the fact that is more natural than any other tan. There are a couple of downsides to it though, one is just a personal preference of me liking a much darker tan and the second one is the application of it. It’s in a glass bottle and I’ve used the spray bottle and a drip bottle so you only get a small bit at a time as you try to apply it. It is like an oil though which is great for leaving your skin feeling hydrated. A major plus for me is that this is the only tan that I had used on a mitt, left unused for a few weeks and the mitt had not turned green like every other tan has. So I would think this is more suitable than most for anyone who is pregnant, has a skin condition or just being cautious about the products and ingredients used on their skin.

4. Cocoa Brown instant tan

The most talked about fake tan brand in Ireland, in my opinion that is! It has to be said I think there is an excellent marketing team behind it. It is a nice tan, pretty packaging, smells lovely and is easy to apply. I find the one hour tan is not dark enough and the darker one is too orangey and I find them both a little patchy. My favourite of the range is the washable instant tan. It is a nice colour, goes on well and washes off easily.


5. St. Moriz medium spray

I had this in my wardrobe for ages and completely forgot about it. When I ran out of tans a few months ago, I used this and I was so pleasantly surprised. It was really dark with an easy spray application. It does have a slight  green tone- it’s not noticeable in the application, just the residue on the bottle and tan mitt. It is probably the most affordable at about  €8 or under and can be bought in Penneys and a lot of pharmacies.

Tips for best application

  • Shower, shave and exfoliate at least 48 hours before application- This removes old skin cells and gives a more even and better coverage.
  • Use a kabuki style make up brush to apply tan on hands + feet- use equal amounts of tan and an oil free moisturizer on the brush an apply in circular motions. This will help avoid the dreaded patchy and orange hands. I use the Cocoa Brown chocolate whip moisturizer with it.
  • If you do need to apply your tan shortly after showering or exfoliating, rinse yourself in cold water to close your pores and minimize those tiny tan spots all over.
  • Don’t use oils on your skin if you want your tan to last.
  • Do lather yourself in oil before you intend on scrubbing your tan off, it helps to break down the tan and lift it off. You can use any kind of body oil or baby oil.



I hope you found something useful in this post and thanks for reading!





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