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Teeth Whitening at The White House, Dundrum

I went for my first ever teeth whitening treatment over the weekend. It’s something I wanted to get done for a long time but was apprehensive of because I was afraid of my teeth becoming sensitive again.

However, when I was invited out to The White House in Dundrum, I jumped at the chance when I heard it was natural ingredients used. Obviously when using natural ingredients for anything, there is a lot less chance of side effects or long term risks so that’s a bonus for me. It may take a little longer but that’s worth it in my opinion.


The location was easy to find and only a couple of minutes from Dundrum shopping centre. The treatment was quick, effective and professional. In total, it takes about 1 hour- a 15 minute consultation to check if you are suitable for the treatment, the shade of your teeth and estimate what level they can be brought up to. Results will vary from person to person depending on their current shade and their condition- smokers, coffee drinkers etc. Following this, the gel is applied to your teeth and the blue light placed over them for roughly 15 minutes and this happens 3 times. After each one, the excess gel is removed and fresh gel applied. There was no pain or discomfort in the treatment, apart from keeping my mouth open for 45 minutes but that’s fine too. Once the treatment was finished, I noticed a difference immediately- they were noticeably whiter and all staining removed. My teeth are something I have always been conscious of since I was a kid for a number of different reasons and now that they are a least whiter, that’s one less thing for me to worry about.

After the treatment, dark coloured foods must be avoided for 24 hours as the pores are open and it may cause staining, so get your tea and coffee in before you get your treatment done.  A 30 minute top up treatment can also be purchased for €55 online of for €30 if you book on the day of your treatment.

The treatment can be booked here- for €99 for special offer.


Here is my before and after pictures. It may not seem like a massive difference between pictures but both are taken at different hours of the day making it difficult to get the exact same lighting and due to the nature of the post, there is no filter or changes made to the pictures to correct this as it would be deceiving.


As always, your feedback is much appreciated and if you have any questions, ask away!






*This is a sponsored post, but all views and opinions are my own.

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