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Hairdryer -V- Hairdryer

I like to try my hand at most things beauty related, but there are 2 things I can’t do and don’t like doing because of that and that’s hair and nails! I’m always upkeeping my tan, my brows- waxing, tinting or plucking them myself, I love doing my make up, I want to do a waxing and a spray tan course for personal use, I’ve even tried tinting my own lashes- (don’t do that!). But do you think I can so much as a hairstyle, eh no! In fact most days, I don’t even brush it because it just falls flat and looks greasy when I do. So the only thing I attempt is a bit of backcombing and that’s only the very rare occasion when I have time. I don’t like to use a straighteners either as they do too much damage to your hair. So in general, I look like I’ve just rolled out of the bed because I usually have!


For the last 10 years or so, I’ve had different types of hairdryers which have all been salon type ones. My most recent one broke a few weeks ago (down to my own clumsiness). I had no idea of the name and type of it at the time because my boyfriend had bought it a couple of years ago, so I just knew it was purple and just like a pink one I had before that.


Obviously I needed to replace it and after looking at a few different ones for €100+, I figured I didn’t need a professional one seems I can’t do much with my hair anyway. I was stuck for one so didn’t have time to check any reviews and didn’t really care to, to be honest. So I went to Argos and bought one that looked pretty similar to my last one. I never heard of the brand before but it said “salon blow dry” and it was reduced from €55 down to €27 so thought I got myself a bargain. I had found my old one in Peter Mark’s too and that was €70 so they had similar original price points and looked so alike that I thought they must be the same. After all, what could possibly be that different?! Surely they all dry your hair- the only thing I needed! I don’t have long hair and I can’t blow dry it like a hairdresser, so nothing else really matters.


Well within the first two uses of my new one, I knew it wasn’t up to scratch with my old one. The power of it was nowhere near as strong. Sure, it dried my hair but it took so much longer, took a lot more effort and had no real bounce or volume in it. I reluctantly tried it again a few more times, but I was dreading washing my hair because of the effort of drying my hair- which is bad enough on the best of days (1st world problems, I know!).


So last week I went into Peter Mark and repurchased my previous one. It’s the ETI Turbo Stratos Ionic 3800 Purple and it’s €69.90 in stores or by clicking the name. I also picked up the Ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush Size 3 as I had used my sisters before and noticed a real difference compared to my usual brush- again, I didn’t think there could possible be a difference in a brush but there definitely is.


This is the hairdryer that I initially bought and it has since gone back up to full price-



Since using both of them together, I have noticed my hair feeling fuller, looking brighter and more sleek again. I appreciate the difference in quality of the products too. I definitely wont be buying a lesser quality hairdryer and I won’t be so clumsy again! In the end, it cost me more anyway. So, if you’re on the lookout for a new hairdryer, I would definitely recommend ETI Turbo Stratos Ionic 3800 Purple and if like me, you’re not so good with hair, you may need a salon hairdryer more than you think as it definitely makes it so much easier. Read some reviews, see what’s important for you and don’t be fooled by the look of it.


I hope you found this helpful- all your feedback is much appreciated!









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