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So I’m definitely an online shopper! There’s so much I love about it- I love that I can see it on the model, giving me a better idea of the shape, fit and what looks good with it, I love that I don’t have to spend hours traipsing around shops trying things on. I’m always browsing online and saving favourites or adding to my wishlist. I can have so many tabs open and compare prices on similar items or websites. A lot of online stores offer free delivery and returns now which is a massive bonus and best of all, I feel like I’m always waiting on a gift in the post. A lot of them will delivery to a local store too if that suits you best.


Of course it has it’s cons like you can’t try it on until you get it or it’s not great for a last minute outfit but the pros definitely outweigh the cons for me. I do love to go shopping in shopping centres too but I prefer that to be less rushed where I can happily browse and enjoy a coffee while people watching.


I know that some people are weary of shopping online for many different reasons but there is nothing to be concerned about if you are using reliable websites. You can definitely get the best bargains by shopping online.


Some of my tips for shopping online:

  • Ensure the website is secure- you can check this by looking for the little lock logo on the left hand side of the URL
  • Pay by paypal where possibe- It’s faster and more secure especially if you are unsure of a website
  • Search the product you’re looking for on different sites and compare prices
  • Don’t be afraid to convert the currency for a better price if you’re ordering from abroad- eg. if you pay by GBP, you will be charged less than Euro
  • If there is a quick video of the product (they have this on ASOS), watch it- you can often tell the fabric and fit from this. A dress that looks amazing on the model may look a different material or even see through
  • Keep your eye out for discount codes

So I’ll round this off with a few of my favourite stores that I have shopped from or shop from regularly – ASOS, Missguided, Littlewoods, Zara + River Island.


I hope you enjoyed this and found some useful tips.






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